Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Little About Me

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Otherwise Engaged, my wedding planning blog. I've been blogging in some form or another for years now, so when I became engaged it felt only natural to document the journey on a blog! I am hoping that this will end up being a good way for me to keep track of my thoughts and share my ideas with my friends and family, but I also hope that I will get some great ideas and feedback from the blogging community as well!

About Me: 
I'm a grad student studying English Literature, and I'm working as a bridal consultant right now. What do I do as a bridal consultant? Mostly, I help brides pick out their wedding gowns. I also help guide women in their tuxedo and bridesmaid dress choices, as well as coordinating rental orders, so I end up helping put together place settings and table linens as well. My store works with a lot of vendors and hosts an expo, so I am really lucky in that I already know a lot of great vendors and have an idea of what planning a wedding will be like. Of course, having an idea and doing are very different things! A few of my hobbies are represented on my other blogs, but I love to read, sew costumes, and play with makeup.

About My Fiance: 
My fiance's name is John! We met in a thoroughly modern fashion- we are a product of online dating. We met about three and a half years ago online and, as they say, the rest is history. John owns his own video production business and also does some I.T. consulting. His hobbies include finding new ways to brew coffee, building PCs, playing video games, and film. He spends hours each week staying caught up in what's happening with technology.

As A Couple: 
We have some really fun (to us) shared interests! We are both total nerds; John loved Star Wars for years before I met him, but I opened him up to Star Trek and now we are both pretty passionate about that; we even went to a Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas together about a year after we met! We also love Disney theme parks; our first trip together was to Disneyland, which we planned after just four dates. I think we were testing each other- luckily we both passed. We are both really big into space and history, and love nothing better than cuddling and watching a good documentary together. Another overlap of our interests is our curiosity with Art Deco style and architecture. It is this interest that became the catalyst for the style of our wedding, since it's the perfect overlap of our aesthetics and reflects both of our personalities.

So far we don't have any firm plans, but we are hoping to set a date for June 2015 just as soon as we decide on a venue. We have a few more venues we'd like to explore, but we're not quite there yet.

Thanks for reading!

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